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Drivers of passenger cars using the A4Go electronic toll collection system have two more weeks to purchase impulses for the A4 Katowice-Krakow motorway at the price of PLN 7, which they will be able to use for toll payments for the next two years, regardless of any changes in toll rates.

From 1 October this year, despite the changes in toll rates for category 1 vehicles, we will continue to reward automatic payments with a high discount. Drivers of passenger cars who pay for journeys automatically via A4Go, Telepass or Autopay or SkyCash applications, will still be able to obtain more than 30 percent discount for journeys. They will pay PLN 8 at each gate – PLN 4 less than those paying with cash or card.

Currently, the A4Go devices can only be purchased in the online store Stationary sale has been suspended until further notice.

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